Weight loss plans

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Weight loss plans – a weighty issue there 

What’s your weight loss goal? Losing 5 pounds in a month or dropping a jeans size each week?

Too much can be stressful. Let’s get a balance and achieve the result with minimal damage to the system. We are trying to lose weight not our hold on life.

There are too many diet plans in the market, almost as many as the number of humans. Well, almost. Why do we say so? Because everyone seems to have a diet plan they follow and promote. There are several floating in the market that promise to deliver results, like the HCG or Paleo. There’s a 7-day diet plan, 31-day diet plan, detox diet plan and so on and so forth. Some of these are fads, others just the result of research by some nutritionist or dietician.

Each body is different and needs a various amount of nutrition. There’s the metabolism rate to look into, the individual calorie requirement and the lifestyle. Plus other factors such as the Basal Metabolic Rate and the Body Mass Index of each person will make a difference. Get your homework done before you jump into the fray.

Some of the diet plans may work. In case they don’t, there’s no reason to give up on dieting itself. Let the mind rule. A healthy body is more than just a diet plan that will help you lose fat. A strict diet that is nutritious and contains sufficient amount of calories, regular exercise and a positive approach to life will give you a holistic weight loss. Adhering to the plan will result in maintaining the new weight.

Now, how do you get there? A strategy, plan, and approach should help you arrive at the right weight for your body type.

The first step to weight loss would be to determine just how much weight you need to lose. An arbitrary loss may not really produce the effect you desire. A more detailed and scientific approach will give better results and remember it takes a month to see any change. People will start seeing change much later than that.

So, have patience and keep calm.

Weigh loss plan

Which weight loss plan should you root for? That can be a very personal decision considering that each one has her preferences. But overall, we need a plan that suits our body type. Do we know our body type? If not, let that be the starting point.

There’s something more. What is your basal metabolism rate? You can use an easily available formula to calculate that or go to a lab and get a test done. It will give you a measurement of how many calories you need to reduce from your daily diet to get to the ideal one. Base your diet plan around that figure.

One can also start by quoting a weight that she thinks she wants to get close to. It is always better to have a range than say something very specific like 59 pounds. When you have your goal in front of you, it is time to chart a course to achieve that.

Start one day and stick to it. If you need motivation, look around for people in the same boat as you. There are many who are fighting the bulge, and there’s plenty of them to connect with in the social media. Take inspiration from them and get going.

And then these are a few things you can do right away:

•    Stop eating outside. Prepare your own meals.

•    Stop buying processed and packaged food items. Read labels before purchasing.

•    Take to eating fresh – fruits and vegetables. Include fish, nuts, seeds, whole grains, lean meat and less oil.

•    Don’t give in to cravings. When you are hungry, consume snacks that have some nutritious content.

•    Drink water in sufficient amount.

•    Avoid refined sugar and carbohydrates.

Every diet worth its value says that it requires a conscious sticking to for any visible results to show. Consistency is the key here.

When choosing a plan, remember to consider any individual issues you may have such as allergy to nuts, dairy products, etc. Plant-based or just fruit based whatever be your diet, choose something that will keep you going. If you feel lethargic, sluggish and always drained out, you aren’t getting your required dose of nutrition.

Divide your calorie requirement between breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Consume protein and carbohydrate in good amount in the day. Reduce carbs towards the latter half of the day.

Make milk shakes and add nuts, bananas, berries to them. Include a smoothie and cut out the sugar from it. Carry your lunch from home. Give into temptation only once in a while, more as a reward for sticking to the plan.

When you start, measure your weight and keep a notepad. Target to lose one pound each week. No more than that. Losing those tires around your waist is much than just eating right. A good combination would be a healthy exercise regimen and diet that suits the body. Create a healthy lifestyle plan.

Make note of what foods in your diet should be chucked out. Start buying the new ones to include.

It should also be fun enough for the person to feel like doing it.

Candies, sugar cookies, cakes, dessert and some more. Does that sound like you during the festivities? Well, you must now drink healthy detox juices to get all that out of your system.

Going cold turkey may have its side effects. So take it slow and reduce instead of eliminating.

You have chosen the diet plan for you. Now, make sure you know what it entails. Getting fab and fit from flab will take time. Until then, hang out, don’t give up. There’s more to life than just numbers – calorie counts, weight, age, and metabolism rate.

Be holistic in your approach. If you fail initially, get back to the basics. Start again. Keep reinventing till you get there. Don’t be rigid and use a healthy yardstick to measure your success.



weight loss plans
weight loss plans

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