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Two common complaints that I get from people around me are “I have no money” and “I want to lose weight”. Having no money and being overweight kind of correlates with each other. Before I changed my eating habits and started going to the gym a very large percentage of my expenses for the month was food. Just like the people around me who complain about their finances, the first thing I tell them is to analyze their bank statements and see what they can cut out. The highest frequency of transactions always revolved around food. People don’t really think twice about eating fast food because they believe its convenient and cheap. If you only spend $6 per meal per day and you eat just 3 meals per day, at the end of the month you would have spent $540 dollars to essentially make yourself overweight and less healthy. This isn’t even accounting for those times when you have extra money so you eat somewhere more expensive or multiple people in your household that you have to feed. Aside from the fact that eating out can make/keep you poor you try and counteract your bad eating habits with expensive gym memberships you barely use, gimmick “shakes” that starve you, and non-effective “diet” plans. All costing you more money.


What if I could explain to you how you could lose weight and save a ton of money! One of the easiest, quickest, and sure fire ways to lose weight is to meal-prep. Meal prepping allows you to know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Some people say “well, I don’t have time to cook”. I personally take about an hour to prepare my meals for the week and thats about the time it takes to cook brown rice. I cook everything in bulk, measure my servings and place in its storage container. Find something quick and easy that you enjoy eating. My current favorite meal is chicken, brown rice, black beans, and broccoli. Great balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats I need throughout the day. Get your exact macros here. You should look at your body as a business only giving it what it needs to run and cutting all things or expenses detrimental to its survival.


“So how does prepping my meals save me money?” If you pay attention to the price tags in the grocery store along with the price that you’ll be paying for your item it also gives you the cost of every ounce or every pound. This is key for making a budget for food and knowing EXACTLY how much each of your meals cost you. For the same $18 dollars a day you spend on fast food or eating out I could buy:

3lbs of chicken breast @ $2 per pound = $6

2lb bag of brown rice = $2.50

4 cans of black beans @ $1 each = $4

2 lbs of broccoli @ $1.50 per pound = $6


Total = $18.50


This is a real example from my local grocery store, prices may vary depending on the quality, brand, and availability at your local grocery store. From just those 4 items and under $20 spent I can get about 9 meals. Depending on your daily macros you could get more or less if you choose. So now those 90 meals per month that you were eating cost you $180 per month versus $540. A savings of $360 per month, $4320 per year. Just imagine what you could invest all that saved money into. Notice I said invest, put your money to work for you if you just have it sitting around you’re more likely to spend it. If you spend it you’re back to where you started and in life we always want to move forward, never backwards. This is how you save money and lose weight.


price per ounce
price per ounce

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