Importance of exercise

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Importance of exercise


Exercising regularly is plays a vital role in order to lose weight. It is also necessary in achieving a healthy body and preventing other chronic disease. But before engaging in exercise programs, it is important to determine which of the programs are appropriate and suited to a person’s age, physical condition and capacity. Once the body is ready to begin the exercise program it is advisable to choose those which involves slow pacing and eventually increase the intensity of the exercise. It doesn’t have for the exercise to be intense and very energy draining but what should be considered is the consistency of the workout in order to achieve a satisfying result.

Exercising does not only gives an individual become in shape and slim down his/her body but also most importantly they give several health benefits which provides a healthy lifestyle. Certain benefits include prevention of stroke and diabetes, reducing stress, lowering the blood pressure, improvement in metabolism, reinforces the immune system, and intensify the bone density preventing osteoporosis and other impairment related to bone and muscle development.

There are three kinds of exercises that supports healthy living which are aerobic exercise, strength training and the lifestyle exercise.

Aerobic exercise are recommended to strengthen and support the heart and lungs. The different factors that could affect in aerobic exercises are the intensity of the heart rate, how frequent the aerobic activity is performed and the length of time consumed for every session. The heart rate is the amount of heartbeats a person has in a minute. During the exercise it is important to determine the body’s maximum heart rate to determine how strong the heart relative to a person’s age is.

Considering the intensity level of an exercise, there are three levels, the low, medium and high intensity. This different stages helps in determining the calories which the body burn for a certain period of time. Low intensity exercises may include simple walking, housework, gardening and car washing. Some individuals may prefer a more dynamic and energetic exercises and they begin in the medium level. These include the exercise involving the chest, buttocks, legs and the back. It includes activities such as bicycling, dancing, hiking, sports involvement and brisk walking. Beginners are not usually allowed to be engaged in high intensity exercises but are suggested for persons who already conduct their exercise daily. This includes activity such as running, jumping rope, weight training, and spinning.

Every exercise programs has periods of warming up and cooling down to prepare the body muscles and parts to an intense workout and then bring back the body’s normal state.

Strength training assists the body in toning the muscles and improve bone density and strength. This also help in assisting a good posture and prevents body injury. Furthermore, it also increase the body’s metabolism and calorie burning.

Having an exercise routine which are the same could be a dull and uninteresting activity because it does not bring excitement. To help a person become focused and motivated, varying the exercise could improve and enhance the results of exercise. Exercise is not just an activity to stay slim and fit but also an avenue for enjoyment.


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