How to lose water weight effectively

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How to lose water weight effectively

Through the term water weight, reference is made to additional weight that is stored within the body. It is kind of weight that can be seen in various parts of the body like legs, face, fingers and toes. In most occasions, water weight is observed as a temporary issue. Therefore, it is better not be confused with a chronic situation. It is quite natural to observe a difference in the body due to some days of overindulgence and salty meal. Bloated feeling is quite obvious if increase of water weight is noticed just before the menstrual cycle. Snug feeling can be experienced especially with the pants. In order to lose few pounds just prior to a big event, you can concentrate on the water weight. However, water weight can be lost temporarily. Therefore, great feeling can be experienced for a minimal amount of time only. So, how to lose water weight? By making some simple and effective changes with the diet and lifestyle practices, water weight can be eliminated from the body easily. Level of bloating can be controlled in due course perfectly.

By both men and women, water weight is experienced. At the time of losing pounds, water weight is discarded from the body in the very beginning. Therefore, 10 pounds can be lost immediately through water weight in mere few days.

Fluctuation with the numbers may be observed due to various reasons. Surprising changes can be noticed in the body as you get rid of some excess liquid from the body. Slimmer figure can be attained at relatively lesser amount of time.  For fat loss, both persistence and time is required. It can be considered as a safe drop in terms of weight quite naturally.

How to lose water weight

  • Decrease the intake of sodium

Presence of sodium can be noticed within the natural salt. It can be considered as a reason behind the retention of water within the body. By consuming food that has been seasoned with salt quite highly, bloating can be noticed. Bloating generally affects the waist size in a huge way.

High amount of sodium is found with the junk food especially. Therefore, it can cause a critical effect on the body. Molecules of water are generally attracted with these kinds of food quite naturally.

However, some amount of salt must be included in the diet. Balance of electrolytes is generally retained in the process. Function of organism is generally perfected with the use of salt in diet. So, recommended amount of protein must be taken every time. Sodium intake everyday must be lesser than 2300 mg. By changing to pink version of salt, sodium percentage can be maintained.

  • Control your daily menu

Sugar is not great for the body at any given occasion. Due to sweeter food, fat amount of the body can be increased without any doubt. Presence of excessive calorie may direct you towards cellulite also. Therefore, it is necessary to do some alteration in the daily diet and lifestyle.

Following things can be done in order to reduce water weight

  • Try to avoid artificial sweetener especially sweet sodas
  • Daily dose of sugar intake must be fixed. For the men, it can be about 150 calories. However, it can be about 100 calories for women.
  • It is always better to increase the amount of fiber enriched food in the diet. Digestive tract can be benefitted in due course. Process of weight loss can be aggravated as a result.
  • Protein intake must be enhanced. To calculate adequate amount of protein for the body, you must multiply the body weight with 0.36. The result from the multiplication must be doubled once again to know about the exact amount of protein needed for the body. It is the amount of protein that must be consumed every day.

For a perfect body, it is always better to cut sugar amount and increase consumption of fiber and protein. Process of muscle building can be assisted in the process. As a result, metabolic rate can be improved. Fat burning process can be increased at the same time.

  • Do some cardio for 30 minutes

To eliminate water weight from the body, you must perform exercise. Cardiovascular system must be engaged in order to observe some results. Sweating can be experienced in the process. Metabolism and heart rate can be boosted without much hassle.

Enhanced metabolic rate always helps to burn fat faster. In addition excess liquid and residual toxins can be eliminated also. Exercise must be done from minimum 30 minutes to maximum 60 minutes per day. If you manage to exceed this limit then increase in the cortisol level can be observed which may not assist you in the water weight loss goal at all.

  • Have more water

It is a quite interesting fact that you have to consume liquid to reduce your water weight. Particular amount of liquid must be taken every day. It is necessary for men to drink 3 liters of water. For women, the amount can be retained 2.2 liters.

In case the exercises are done in the day then it becomes necessary to make the water intake a part of the daily diet plan. Dehydration can be prevented in the process. Liquid is exerted from the body to maintain the hydration level properly.

Due to lesser intake of water, molecules of liquid may be stored within the body for basic functions. If water consumption level is adequate then excess amount of water can be drained from the body naturally.

  • Consume natural food

By incorporating some food in the diet, you can easily retain water level of the body. Loss of water can be supplemented in the process. These kinds of foods are known as diuretics.  Fruits like black currants, melons and cranberries are excellent for the body. Parsley, fennel and garlic always help to retain adequate amount of water in the body. Supplementary amount of water can be drained at the same time of losing water weight.

how to lose water weight fast
how to lose water weight fast

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