How to be healthy

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How to be healthy

Health is the functional level of all living things. It is about dealing with the individual and communities to manage their social, physical, and mental challenges. Health is very important because it focuses on the lifestyles of the people.

In our everyday lives, we need to be healthy so that our body can fight bacteria and other toxins. Eating proper foods and proper exercise can help human to be healthy. Having good nutrition is necessary part of having a healthy lifestyle. Diet and physical activities can help in reducing the risk of chronic diseases like cancer and heart diseases. It is also important to have a healthy weight. When we refer to health, it is about having a good functioning of our mind and body. Poor health is commonly caused by improper diet, injury, and mental stress, lack of hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle and diseases.

Having healthy life has many benefits. It refers to the freedom from any forms of illnesses and having a longer life. If you are healthy, you can appreciate the life and you can really say that you are a healthy member of the society. When you are physically fit, it reflects on your face. If you are healthy, you can be attractive and you start to feel good about yourself. Health is beneficial especially when you are growing old. Health and wellness improves the quality of life.

Health is very important if you are working that’s why you need to take care of your health not only in your workplace but also at home. This helps you to be energetic and get over the stress. Even if it has too much stress and pressure at your workplace, you can handle it and you keep motivated to finish your tasks.

The overall health is important particularly to children. Being healthy is important for growth and development of their body and mind. When they are in school, they have energy to finish their whole day in school. If they are healthy they can participate in all activities even in fields. Eating foods with carbohydrates, calcium, minerals and proteins are sources of good nutrition. Having a regular check up for a child is a requirement to know their health issues, so the parent must be aware of the importance of health.

Health is important for excellent performance of every individual. You should prevent or stop the habits that can destroy your health such as smoking, and drinking liquors. You have to eat foods with proper nutrition and exercise daily. Being healthy is very essential, you have to limit the foods rich in sodium, cholesterol, and fats. It is necessary to have healthy mind by completing the right choices of foods and proper coping to stress is a big help.

Healthy individual choose their healthy lifestyle because they do not want to have pain and diseases. They want to enjoy the life without suffering from dangerous chronic diseases and to save money. Being sick is very expensive and a very big burden to our lives. To have a healthy life, you should first have self-discipline.

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