Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout

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Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout-

This is a quick 6 minute ab workout, nice abs are one of the most sought after goals when it comes to training and exercise. Most people seem to have the misconception that doing thousands of reps and hundreds of sets is the way to get a nice stomach. Just like any other muscle group abs will only show when you cut the fat surrounding them. This ab workout is recommended to be done after your weight training session or high intensity cardio. Read our article here on fat loss.

The workout consist of:

Reverse Crunch- 20 Reps

Toe Touches- 20 Reps

Plank- 30 Seconds


For beginners, I suggest you do 1-2 rounds or sets. If you become overwhelmed or exhausted during your workouts its ok to stop and start again once you recompose.

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